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Maps & Modding

Make the game whatever you want it to be

Chaotic Rage has an extendable archutecture which allows for custom maps and custom mods. All game data can be changed and tweaked, including:

  • 3D models
  • Units
  • Weapons
  • Walls and other static objects
  • Vehicles
  • Sounds
  • Dynamic objects with behaviours
  • Gametypes (uses Lua scripting)
  • AIs (also uses Lua)

For more detailed documentation, take a read of the Modding Docs.

Custom maps can also be defined, with:

  • Heightmaps for the main terrain
  • Extra geometry using .obj files
  • Surface textures
  • Water layers
  • Zones (Spawn, Base, etc)
  • In-game objects (Weapons, Walls, Vehicles, Objects)