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Updated particle effects


I've recently gone through and updated all of the particle effects. These will be incoroprated into the next release.

There are now a heap of new screenshots to take a look at, showing off these effects (among other things).


Explosions! (medium)

Explosions! (medium)

blood (medium)

Flamethrower! (medium)


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New release 1.15


I've just tagged and released 1.15 yesterday. Haven't done a release in ages so still trying to remember the various build processes for various platforms!

There has been a huge number of improvements in this release, spread over 275 commits. Changes include:

  • Lots of graphics updates and new models.
  • Added a couple of new maps.
  • Added a heap of new rendering features like texture splatting and lightmaps.
  • Ffirst person weapon display
  • Weapon attachments
  • Various performance improvements
  • Loads of bug fixes
  • No doubt new bugs added!!

You can download the new release from the downloads page.

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Android removed, Ubuntu PPA updated


I previously declared this game all over. Well it's not quite.

I recently removed Android support. This was cuasing a number of headaches. I tagged the commit just prior to the removal so anyone can go back in time and either compile that version, or for it and make some sort of Android-only version. That tag message explains in depth this decision.

Also, on a brighter note the Ubuntu PPA has been updated to 16.04 LTS. You can easily install Chaotic Rage using these commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chaotic-rage/chaoticrage
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chaoticrage

One last thing. We've been mentioned on the Free Games News blog. This is a great site with revews of heaps of FOSS games. It's updated really often, and the guy who runs it is really friendly.

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It's all over


I think this project is now dead. Sorry about that.

A lack of suport over the years has caused me to not be as spurred on as I used to be. Also, I now have two kids. When I started this project I didn't have any.

The project may come back to life again, unser any of hte following conditions:

1. I may suddenly have more time or find some hidden motivation.

2. Some poeple may reach out and tell me that they love the game, and that would provide motivation.

3. Someone else picks up the project. I'd be happy to transfer repository ownership, domain ownership, etc.

As always, keep in touch at


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A new map - bridge too near


I'd like to introduce a new map - bridge too near. It has been built using some of the new map development tools.

Bridge too near (large)

Bridge too near (large)

Why don't you check it out? Either grab one of the weekly builds, or wait for the next release which should be soon (hopefully this weekend).

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