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Beta 14 is now available


So I'm finally ready to release Beta 14. It's been a long time, not because it's a lot of changes, but I've been heaps busy with work, new baby, etc.

There's two new things, a small change and a big change. The small change is that I've added some music. The big change is that I added in assimp for loading models, instead of my home-build crappy model loader I had previously.

There is one downside though. It's all a bit broken. Compat renderer doesn't work. Annimations and dissolve textures have been disabled. And a few objects and things just don't work at all.

But it's there. It "works", and it's the final building block before I do a 1.0 release. I really wanted to release this weekend - even in a broken state - because this one was really slipping (like four weeks instead of the usual two). Expect next release to be back on the regular cycle.

On the topic of 1.0, exepct that in a few more releases. I've got to finish the animation stuff, make the various models (and anims) actually good, and fix all the network stuff. Then a testing release or two and I'll do 1.0! It should be sweet.

Well enough chit-chat, and Download Beta 14 now!

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The final major building block


So after a very busy few weeks at work recently, I've resumed doing work on Chaotic Rage. I'm now implementing the last major change to the engine - the removal of the old AnimModel system whcih I had developed, and the integration of a proper model loader - Assimp.

The old system (animmodels.conf + .obj files + .png files) worked okay, but it had many limitations. And I wanted new features from my file format, and I didn't want to graft them into the old format.

Assimp is a loader which supports 41 different formats - this means I can pick and choose as I want. The screenshot to the left is with it loading the original .blend files from Blender as-is, with no scaling or anything, not even texturing.

All this work leads to me being able to do cool new stuff - better static animations, bone animations, bump maps, normal maps, plus more. Exciting stuff.

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