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I've recently added support for Skyboxes. A skybox is basically a texture which is applied at the extremes of the map (sides, top, bottom) in all directions. The skybox is meant to look like the map continues forever, even though it doesn't.

In the example image, the skymap edges looks like walls in a room - you could use it for that - but it's also usable for environments; far away mountains, etc.

It's still in development a little, but expect to see it soon; in fact we are in a release weekend so Beta 19 should be tomorrow or Sunday.

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Blender map creation


In leadup for the release of Chaotic Rage 1.0, I've been doing some work to make map creation (and therefore campain creation) easier.

My most recent work is a native exporter plugin from Blender into the Chaotic Rage map format. It's still fairly beta, but as you can see, it is working.

That's really all that's on the cards at the moment. Once it's properly operational, I'm hoping to begin work on some campaign goodness.

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New website feature - task list


So I've just finished a new website feature - the tasks list. It's a spot where various programming and modding tasks are listed. It's got multiple sections, based on the source of the task, etc.

Currently it shows:

  • GitHub issues.
  • Any comments in the code with the text "TODO".

If you're thinking of doing stuff on Chaotic Rage, but don't know where to start, take a look at this list!

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Beta 18


Last night I tagged the Beta 18 release. There is heaps of cool new stuff, but it's mostly just work towards the upcoming 1.0 release. New features include:

  • Object lift/drop has been re-added.
  • Moved weapon pickups from the "objects" system to their own "pickups" system in modding.
  • Added support for powerups.
  • Added support for special attack. This is done as a dedicated weapon attached to the unit type. Their is unlimited ammo, and the special weapon cannot be changed.
  • Added a new category of weapons, attractors and repellers, for weapons like the "black hole". It's a bit incpmplete at the moment, will be working properly next release.
  • Began making some changes to the map loading so it's easier to make maps.

Interestingly, if you take a look at the list of issues blocking 1.0 release, you'll notice the list is quite short; only one item in fact, which is quite exiting.

If anyone has any ideas for the solving of that one item ("Add a basic a game storyline"), I would be grateful for your ideas.

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What's coming in the next release


On the GitHub issues list, there are some bugs and features listed as blocking a 1.0 release of Chaotic Rage.

At the start of this release cycle, the list consisted of:

  • Object lift/throw/drop isn't implemented
  • Consider a game storyline
  • Linux is on Bullet 2.81, but Windows on 2.79
  • Special attack isn't implemented
  • There isn't any power ups

I would like everyone to know that the list of features and fixes for this coming release is the list shown above. Already one of these is done, and one is in the works.

What does this mean? After this release (to become Beta 18), there is going to be nothing stopping a 1.0 release of Chaotic Rage (the awesomest shooter ever). I expect the following timeline:

  1. This cycle - Beta 18 (due in 2 weeks; 15th/16th June).
  2. Next cycle - Beta 19, just bug fixes no new features (2-3 weeks after that; 29th/30th or 6th/7th)
  3. Cycle after that - 1.0 release! (again, 2-3 weeks later, but might run longer, so late July)

Of course, like usual it's all up in the air and subject to change, but it's exciting nonetheless.

Happy Gaming,

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