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Another release! 1.1 is out


Well after two weeks and 25 commits, here's the release of the 1.1 version of Chaotic Rage!

A bunch of those commits were repository and code cleanup. I finally got around to removing Wavefront OBj support (it all uses Assimp now), as well as the useless animviewer. Most of that code was full of chaos, so it's good to see it go.

The key gameplay features were some networking bugs which got fixed, including the broken browse for local games feature.

Well, go forth and test!

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Networking Improvements


I've spent most of this week fixing networking bugs. There are lots of bugs, but it's slowly coming together. It's all a bit of a mess; lots of chaos going on there (pun intended).

If you're at all interested, take a look at the GitHub repo and clone the latest revision, you can see from the logs that there has been many recent changes, mostly fixes but also some general cleanup too.

I'm quite excited about 1.1 which will be coming up within the next few weeks, just because of all the bugs I've fixed.

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It's finally here - 1.0


It's finally here - the 1.0 release of Chaotic Rage!

So generally people line up lots of cool new features and hundreds of bugfixes for their 1.0 release, but I was finding it being a phycological issue because I wsan't releasing reguarlly due to trying to cram everything into the ultimate 1.0 release.

So I've decided it was finally time. The game is playable enough to be called "complete", and in every case I'm going to do 1.1 in about 3 weeks anyway (well that's the plan).

As for what's new in this release, I've basically spent the whole release getting network support working. It now uses a game hosted in a client instead of a dedicated server, which fixed a few issues I was having. I haven't really tested it very much at the moment, and there is basically no testing over the internet, but local games should have low enough latency to operate correctly.

The new installer exe is now available from the downloads page, and the dev docs and modding docs from their usual places.

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Working network support


We now have working network support; check out this video:

Previously there was some network support, but it was really buggy and crashed often. Not anymore! There is now a checkbox in the new game dialog for hosting a network game. If you check that box, other users will be able to join your game. At the moment, joining is direct-ip, but a game search feature is planned.

This should all be available in the next release, which shouldn't be very far away, probably this upcoming weekend (14th or 15th Sept). Stay tuned!

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We're still alive!


Okay so it's been a while - there haven't been updates for about a month now, but the project is still alive and kicking.

I got a bit caught up with a short holiday, then I got inspired and wrote an IOCCC entry, and then I got ill with something which knocked me out for about a week.

But I'm back. Development will continue. This morning I did some website work, and I'm going to do some dev work this afternoon or tonight.

The next big thing is fixing the network support.

Also, there has been something which has been a big phycological issue. The 1.0 release. My brain wants it to be perfect, but that's stopping progression and I try to fix all the issues. So I think I'll just release 1.0 so I don't think (and worry) about it any more and can just move on with development on a fortnightly schedule. So expect that soon.

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