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One-point-two: More features, less bugs


3 weeks have passed since Chaotic Rage 1.1 was released, and I'm proud to release a new version, 1.2. You can see the full list of changes on GitHub.

As per my previous blog post, I've been doing lots of work on vehicles and vehicle-like objects. This release introduces three new vehicles:

  • Trains
  • Helicopters
  • Fixed turrets

Other than that, it's just bugfixes and code cleanup. Go out and test!

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Turrets, Trains and Helicopters


Over the last few weeks I've been doing a heap of work on vehicles. I've been expanding the vehicle system to handle a bunch more use cases, thus let me introduce three new vehicles:

The first one is fixed turrets. These don't sound like traditional vehicles, but they are acutally using the same system because a lot of the code is the same - it's an entity which a player can enter and control. All I did was create a option for a vehicle type that doesn't have an engine, so it can't be moved.

The second one is trains. I haven't actually played with this much yet, but will soon. It's another option for vehcle types which don't have steering. The track and everything is just decor. Of course to have trains on tracks which go around bends you would need something a bit more fancy.

The third, and most fun new vehicle is helicopters. Yes, they really are as fun to play with as they sound. The physics is still a bit flakey, and the controls aren't super easy, but I've heard that helicopters are a bit of a pain in real life anyway, so I might just leave them as is.

Of course like everything, it's all still a bit buggy, but nonetheless, this is what you can look forward to in 1.2, due to be released this coming weekend.

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