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Performance improvements


Anyone who has been watching the git log would notice a small amount of work has been done recently in an attempt to improve the performance of the game engine.

One change which will affect the Linux and MXE builds (but not the Windows ones) is some changes to the default optimisation settings. We've enabled gcc's setting -O2 as well as -ffast-math. This doesn't appear to have degraded the quality at all but it did improve speed significantly. You can read my notes on the profile data in the log of commit 6733e747 if you are interested.

I also enabled ARMv7 for the Android builds, which requires a device with a hardware floating-point unit. Sorry, that will eliminate the older and low-end Android phones, but these cannot play the game very well anyway.

Some other changes include a rejig of some of the entity rendering code. This has resulted in further improvements to the speed. Expect to see further improvements down the line.

Also on a side note, we now have Android weekly builds. Enjoy!

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Cross compiled builds for Windows


For a while now there has been a project underway to get Chaotic Rage compiling under a cross compiler to allow for builds of the Windows version from a Linux computer.

This is mostly to support automated builds but it has other uses too, including an increase in code compatibility (and therefore quality) which is required for these kinds of builds. 

I'm pleased to announce that this project is now complete thanks to the excellent MXE project which provides a lot of infastructure.

You can now download weekly builds of Chaotic Rage from our new dev server in both Linux tarball format as well as Windows builds in a .zip file.

These weekly builds is an ongoing project; I intend on supporting the creation of .deb archives as well as the Android builds too. 

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