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Surprise release - 1.10 is now out


I've done an early surprise release! Here we are, version 1.10 of Chaotic Rage. That's one point ten in case you were confused.

This is a smaller one, only a single month and only 75 commits. Most of it is cleanup for the upcoming Emscripten builds, with a smattering of other changes, and a few little tweaks thanks to esper. I did the release early because I have been really busy at work and have been falling behind on my CR dev, so I thought I should at least release what I had done.

As for cool stuff, we've got some really important game balance fixes, some important gameplay bugfixes - no more zombies attacking from five meters away - and also some cool new weather and particle effects.

Builds should be available soon (they're building as I write this). I've finally got Windows running on my new comptuer, so I'll do a native Windows build tonight, which should deal with the Lua bug which Windows users were having with 1.9 which was caused by an odd Lua version in MXE.

Update: I've uploaded the 1.10 native Windows version, get it from the downloads page.

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Day/night and Weather effects


Durign the last week we've been adding day/night effects as well as weather effects to the game.

The day/night will run in a cycle, or you can disable the cycle and set it to a specific value. The interface is a little poor at the moment, but that will improve eventually.

We've also been working to add weather effects. This is done using the particle engine. There is only rain at the moment, but others will come later, such as snow. Early versions had point particles for the raindrops, but after a rejig of the particle system a little, we now have line particles, which looks much nicer.

These changes will be available in the next release, or you can get them from the weekly builds.

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