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It's all over

I think this project is now dead. Sorry about that.

A lack of suport over the years has caused me to not be as spurred on as I used to be. Also, I now have two kids. When I started this project I didn't have any.

The project may come back to life again, unser any of hte following conditions:

1. I may suddenly have more time or find some hidden motivation.

2. Some poeple may reach out and tell me that they love the game, and that would provide motivation.

3. Someone else picks up the project. I'd be happy to transfer repository ownership, domain ownership, etc.

As always, keep in touch at


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Daniel Eriksson

782 days ago

It's fantastic that I can still find completely new Free games, even though I have been in the FOSS-gaming world for so long. Let alone one that looks so much fun! I understand if you feel you are done with the project, but I must say I love the concept. Zombies, guns, vehicles and multiplayer sounds like an excellent and enjoyable combination, and I like the different approach compared to most other traditional FPS games. Downloading now, and I will definitely try this on my next LAN-party, as well as put it on my FOSS-games blog. :)

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